To engage customers in conversations about the 4Cs of diamond quality and to educate them at the same time, GIA has now created a 4Cs app for iPad™ and Android® devices for retailers that want to use the latest technology. Minimum device requirements are version 8 or greater for iOS and version 7 or greater for Android.

Designed to be used at point of sale, the app features:

  • Video and content that highlights the different aspects of the 4Cs
  • Interactive tools to educate customers about how GIA grades color, clarity, cut, and carat weight
  • Guidance on using the GIA grading scales, including how grades can affect a diamond's value
  • Information about fluorescence, diamond treatments, laboratory-grown diamonds, and simulants
  • Direct access to GIA Report Check - GIA's online database of GIA reports, where contents of a GIA report can be viewed and verified directly from an iPad or Android device

All GIA assets are intended for use in stores that carry gems with GIA reports and/or have professional staff trained by GIA and must be used in accordance with the usage guidelines prescribed by the terms of use.